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They send a group of earnest teenagers forward in time to repopulate the Earth after the disaster — but it doesn't end well. Flight of the Horse. A manga series by Go Nagai that tells the tale of a Japan devastated by a massive earthquake and mass volcanic eruption and isolated from the rest of the world, with the remnants of humanity divided between the strong and the weak.

A sequel to Nagai's Devilman series. Stephen King — An unknown phenomenon makes Earth's machines turn against humanity. It was later made into the movie Maximum Overdrive , which added an alien invasion subplot. The Camp of the Saints. The Third Cry. Planet Earth. Made for TV movie. A mutated virus created by a solar flare destroys virtually all of the human population.

One family has survived, and endeavors to travel across America to their family home. Prophecies of Nostradamus. James Herbert — The last two novels of The Rats trilogy show how after a nuclear war, humanity is overthrown by mutated Giant Black Rats. A Boy and His Dog [22]. A young man Don Johnson and his dog Tiger, the dog actor struggle for survival and encounter strife in a harsh, post-apocalyptic wasteland where food, water, and women are scarce.

Based on the writings of Harlan Ellison. Black Moon [ citation needed ]. The Noah [ citation needed ]. Daniel Bourla — An American soldier becomes the sole survivor of a nuclear war. A Doctor Who story that also features alien invasion. Guerrillas from the future explain that they are attempting to kill someone because he caused an explosion at the peace conference, starting a series of wars that left humanity vulnerable to Dalek conquest. Return to the Planet of the Apes. The Coming of the Horseclans.

Robert Adams — followed by seventeen other books in the horseclans series. Series by Robert Adams — first book Robert C. The Ultimate Warrior. The Girl Who Owned a City. Society is chased into domes by an ecological disaster, and holds a ceremonial death ritual for all citizens who reach the age of 30 to control the population. A man who formerly helped control the population flees the domed city to avoid his own ceremony. BBC series about the daily struggles of British survivors of a plague which kills most of the world population. The People Who Own the Dark [ citation needed ]. Dick — in collaboration with Roger Zelazny.

Allan W. Eckert — The stability of the Earth comes into question. The Winter of the World. Poul Anderson — Civilization and a new species has emerged from a deadly Ice Age that has destroyed all previous life. Damnation Alley [71]. Ralph Bakshi — A good wizard and his evil brother battle some two millennia after Armageddon. Larry Niven , Jerry Pournelle — A comet impact. John Christopher — A virus wipes out the weak and the old, until the planet is populated by young teenagers only.

William C. Heine — The planet is decimated by a virus, as told through the eyes of one survivor. Stephen King — Collected in the book Night Shift. Short story, tells the tale of a virus which turns males into female-hating psychopaths when sexually aroused. Deathsport [ citation needed ]. An anime series by Hayao Miyazaki.

Supermagnetic WMDs devastate Earth and causes virtually all land to be submerged underwater. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro — Two humans search for a way to survive in toxic wasteland. Republished in Game from TSR, Inc. Ravagers [72]. Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. Mostly futuristic in appearance, but outside of the gleaming Utopian city lies apocalyptic ruins swarming with mutants. Australian movie; depicts a declining civilization through the eyes of the titular character who seeks revenge. Starring Mel Gibson. John Crowley — Civilization transformed several millennia past an unspecified collapse of civilization.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Choose Your Own Adventure. GamebookBy Edward Packard.


The Fifth Horseman. Larry Collins , coauthor Dominique Lapierre. This Time of Darkness [74]. Japanese film also known as Virus , directed by Kinji Fukasaku. Battlefield Earth. The Shadow of the Torturer. Thundarr the Barbarian. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior [19]. The second installment in the Mad Max series. This movie follows the titular character as he interacts with a community based around a small oil refinery and a group of marauding bandits.

Film version directed by Christian de Chalonge. The Survivalist. Jerry Ahern — Series. First book , Total War. Game from Fantasy Games Unlimited. The Pelbar Cycle. Series of seven books by Paul O. Williams — first book , The Breaking of Northwall A thousand years after a series of nuclear exchanges. Craig Harrison — Adapted into the movie of the same name. The Day of the Triffids TV series. Robot Revolt. Post-apocalyptic Italian film [75] [76]. The Aftermath [22]. Returning astronauts encounter bikers and mutants in a post-nuclear setting. Released as "Zombie Aftermath" in the UK. Cyberpunk manga series by Katsuhiro Otomo published by Dark Horse Comics — about a group of young bikers in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo who clash with the government and psychics with incredible power.

Adapted into a animated movie. Human Highway [ citation needed ]. She [78]. A low-budget B-movie — an extremely loose adaptation of the novel She by H. Rider Haggard , starring Sandahl Bergman as a post-civilization warrior. Warriors of the Wasteland [22]. After a nuclear way humanity is reduced to starving tribes with roving gangs seeking to take what they can by force. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The anime series and its sequels rewritten and combined with The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada to create Robotech ', which dealt similarly with post-apocalyptic themes.

An Italian film set in featuring a mercenary out to rescue the last fertile woman on Earth. Endgame [22]. Exterminators of the Year [ citation needed ]. Le Dernier Combat [83]. Stryker [22]. Testament [33]. Warrior of the Lost World [22]. Yor, the Hunter from the Future. Patrick Tilley — series, set at the end of the 3rd millennium. The Ashes [87]. Series by William W. Johnstone - first book , Out of the Ashes. Fist of the North Star.

Influential shonen manga series by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara — A warrior trained in a powerful martial arts style rights wrongs and battles evil warlords in a post-apocalyptic world. Inspired the landmark anime series, a live-action film, and many games. Sterling E. The Last Children of Schewenborn. Pulling Through. Series by Hideyuki Kikuchi — first book , Novels and later anime movies , set ten thousand years after a nuclear war occurs in ,. Genesis Climber Mospeada. Dark Enemy [ citation needed ]. In the Cell saga of Dragon Ball Z , a time traveler arrives from a post-apocalyptic future where two powerful killer androids have destroyed much of the world, and attempts to stop the same thing from happening in the main timeline.

Radioactive Dreams [89]. After an atomic war Phillip Hammer and Marlowe Chandler have spent 15 years on their own in a bunker, then they find the keys to the last MX missile. A Polish comedy. All men, except two who were hibernating, die after a war with the use of an M-bomb that kills only males. James D. Drumm — series. First book: First, You Fight. Whitley Strieber , coauthor James Kunetka.

Hayao Miyazaki — Based on the manga of the same name. In the Drift. Michael Swanwick — Also an alternate history Story — the Three Mile Island reactor incident resulted in a very large release of radioactivity, devastating the Northeastern U. An adaptation of the first two books in the trilogy by John Christopher. Landmark post-apocalyptic anime series based on the manga of the same name. Game from Game Designer's Workshop — set in a world where a Sino-Russian war degenerates into a limited nuclear conflict that eventually drags in Europe and America.

Series of films dealing with a future devastated by a war between humans and machines, the attempt of the machines to kill the hero of the human resistance in the past, and the attempt of the hero and others to prevent this future from ever coming to pass. Def-Con 4 [22]. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome [22]. The third installment in the Mad Max series. This film follows the titular character as he interacts with the post apocalyptic community of Bartertown.

Warriors of the Apocalypse [22].


After civilization is wiped out by nuclear war, an adventurer leads a group of wanderers on a search for the fabled Mountain of Life. Children of the Dust. David Brin — A novel set in Oregon after the apocalypse. Series as a basis for the movie of the same name. The Steel, the Mist and the Blazing Sun. This is the Way the World Ends. Alan E. Nourse — Follows the progression of a new outbreak of Black Plague and the struggle to survive as society collapses. Larry Niven , Jerry Pournelle — Baby elephant-like invaders hurl asteroids at earth, humans revolt. Margaret Atwood — Dystopia is fueled by rampant infertility caused by pollution.

Starchaser: The Legend of Orin. The Adolescence of P The Mechanoid Invasion. GamebookAnd its source books, supplements and sequels was the first role-playing game from Palladium Books, conceived and written by Kevin Siembieda. America [94]. In Colorado, years after a nuclear war in the US, humanity is back to the stone ages. Fist of the North Star [ citation needed ].

Animated Japanese film based off the manga of the same name. Robot Holocaust [22]. The Sacrifice [96]. When the Wind Blows. Jimmy Murakami — adapting the graphic novel by Raymond Briggs. Series by David L. Robbins — first book Stephen King — Aliens remotely control machines trucks, cars and even vending machines to kill the human population before invading. Based on the Stephen King short story Trucks.

Nature's End. Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka. The End of the Whole Mess. Stephen King — short story The End of the Whole Mess a distillate of a Texas aquifer, originally harvested and distributed worldwide to reduce human propensity for violence—curses humanity with premature Alzheimer's disease and senility. Cherry [ citation needed ]. Creepozoids [97]. Death Run [ citation needed ]. Hell Comes to Frogtown [ citation needed ].

Steel Dawn [99]. The Soviet Union blames the U. Based on the Jerry Ahern pulp novel series. Three technicians working in an underground laboratory discover that a nuclear war has destroyed most of the above ground world. Series by Isobelle Carmody — first book War interstellar , Aliens ancient civilizations , Disease Mutations , Technology Use of Artificial Intelligence , Supernatural Daemons and Sorcery , Future collapse Isolation of colonised planets , Social collapse Return of medieval superstitions , Human decline Negligence of fundamental human rights. The Eldar , a technologically advanced race who dominated the galaxy until the 29th millennium and was superior to the nascent human race, fell into moral decadence, causing the disfigurement of reality to numerous star systems colonised by the people of Earth fuelled by the negative emotions of countless sentinent species brought into instability and unending conflict merely for survival, while at the same time the majority of humanity's population had degraded to a pre-industrial society due to the loss of technology due to a massive confrontation with artificially intelligent machines over thousands of years, until an Empire forcefully united most humans under a fascist totalitarian theocratic regime that conducted an unending war for the genoside of every other advanced lifeform, including some affected by supernatural factors.

Wolf In Shadow. David Gemmell — The world is devastated by huge tsunamis. Most of the technology left in the world is on par with the mid to late s but there are some newer weapons around. Twilight of The Gods. In the Country of Last Things. Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. After a war against the machines in which the humans lost, a small group of resistance fighters must keep humanity alive against the evil forces of Lord Dread. Groundbreaking anime movie based on the manga of the same name. Miracle Mile [ citation needed ]. She-Wolves of the Wasteland [ citation needed ].

The Gate to Women's Country. Time Capsule []. A computer game set in an alternate timeline where the earth's population is enslaved by an alien species known as the Orbs. At Winter's End. Miniature wargaming Miniature wargame by Games Workshop — A role-playing game franchise composed of the game and associated novels and short-story anthologies set within the Dark Future universe. Pat Cadigan — A novel set in a cyberpunk world following a vaguely described natural cataclysm. War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion. The second season of this television spin-off from the movie was set after a successful alien invasion.

The Blood of Heroes [22]. Australian film written and directed by David Webb Peoples. Cyborg []. Empire of Ash II [ citation needed ]. Empire of Ash III [ citation needed ]. Folk of the Fringe. Orson Scott Card — novella "West," plus several short stories. A racing game by Atari Games set in the aftermath of nuclear war with races taking place in the wastelands left over from the war.

Al Sarrantonio — About a worldwide uprising of werewolves. Mark E. Rogers — Combines themes of the rapture and zombies. Story by Joe R. Bacteria causes the dead to rise. Bounty Hunter chases quarry and encounters evil cult. Konstantin Lopushansky — In a post-apocalyptic world, the population is divided and decimated. In the depths of the sea exists "the Museum" and can only be reached during occasional periods of low tide when the sea becomes a barren desert. The Handmaid's Tale [].

Hardware [22]. The Girl from Tomorrow. Australian children's drama in which a girl from the 31st century after the Northern Hemisphere has been destroyed in the Great Disaster, later revealed to be a nuclear holocaust becomes stranded in the 20th century. In the sequel, Tomorrow's End , she and her friends fight to prevent history from being changed in such a way that the Southern Hemisphere is destroyed as well. Isaac Asimov , Robert Silverberg extension written by Silverberg of the Asimov story of the same name.

A nuclear exchange triggers the return of Ley Lines and Interdimensional Rifts or portals. These Ley Lines and Portals subsequently cause several natural and supernatural disasters. A mysterious plague has swept over the entire world, causing everyone to suffer from amnesia, leading to the collapse of civilization. Based on a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi. ITV show, about 3 people who lived after everyone else in England was turned to dust by a chemical that was accidentally released by a television presenter.

The City, Not Long After. Pat Murphy — In the wake of a devastating worldwide plague, a handful of artists transform the City of San Francisco, and fend off marauders with a touch of magic. Also known as Dark Angel , directed by Craig R. The Madness Season. Taking place in the year , the loss of the ozone layer has left most of the planet a desolate wasteland scattered with highly radioactive Death Zones. Gordon R. Dickson — A man and a wolf band together to survive in an America devastated by financial collapse.

Environment disaster. The Captain Planet two-parter Two Futures , in which the character Wheeler gets a glimpse of what could happen if damage to the environment was allowed to continue unchecked. Gan Moondark. Donald E. Delicatessen []. Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro. Fallen Angels. Larry Niven , Jerry Pournelle , and Michael Flynn — Space-based civilization exists despite the government's wishes during an ice age. American Cyborg: Steel Warrior.

A film following the one woman who is able to conceive life after a third world war leaves the world's population sterile. Al Sarrantonio — The galaxy passes through a 'cloud' in space, which causes all previously expired creatures on Earth to return to life as bloodthirsty skeletons shrouded in ghostly mirages of their former selves. Cyborg 2 [ citation needed ]. Robot Wars [ citation needed ]. Body Snatchers. Parable of the Sower. One man's quest for revenge in a world where toxic waste has driven the remains of civilization into the Arctic Circle.

The Fifth Sacred Thing. Deus X. Norman Spinrad — The results of global warming. Ben Elton — The Earth 's population is forced to live in Biodomes for 50 years while the environment recovers from humanity's actions. Takes place long after a time of environmental collapse that destroyed the world's older advanced civilizations. The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect. Roger Williams. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Animated TV series. In which dinosaurs reclaim the earth. Based upon the comic series " Xenozoic Tales ". Mega Man X series. A computer game series created by id Software — about a demonic invasion of human colonies on the moons of Mars.

Made for TV movie that was designed to be a pilot for a post- Apocalyptic spin-off from the original Knight Rider. The Stand. Highlander: The Animated Series. A Super NES game were a comet passes next to Earth, which is a malicious being whose light turns humans into monsters. The story takes place in an altered reality, where to approaching comet already changed timeline and reality.

Titled Final Fantasy III in its initial American launch, this RPG features a plot twist in where villain Kefka moves magical statues out of their intended alignment, which in turn causes the balanced fictional world to fall into ruin, and for Kefka to become its new god while protected by the powers of the same statues. And sequels, from Sierra Entertainment. Looking Glass Technologies — incorporates elements from Alien invasion theory. The Winchester Mystery House "The House" serves as a focal point for parallel universes and inexplicable energies that are changing the world and its post-Vanishing children.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko. Hitoshi Ashinano — Japanese manga series, set in a peaceful post-cataclysmic Japan, after an untold environmental disaster. Live-action martial arts film based on the manga of the same name. Judge Dredd [19]. Twelve Monkeys []. Loosely based on the comic by Jamie Hewlett. The console game, where modern civilization is at risk of being destroyed by an alien parasite in AD. Waterworld [].

Global Warming has caused all landmasses on Earth to be covered by the sea. The remnants of humanity survive on "atolls," mechanical floating cities that are constantly attacked by pirates with steam-driven ships. Some humans have evolved to become amphibious to live among the old wreckage beneath the waves. Many people live in hope of finding the mythical "Dryland," the place safe from the seas which turns out to be the Himalayan Mountains. John Barnes — A tactical nuclear strike in the North Pacific releases massive amounts of methane, spawning worldwide super hurricanes.

Ill Wind. Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason — A microbe consumes all materials based on petroleum. Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith. Space: Above and Beyond. A vertical shoot-em-up scroller game, with two layers for Nintendo's Virtual Boy video game system. Neon Genesis Evangelion. Humanity's unearthing of a being known as Adam brings about Second Impact , a catastrophic shockwave which destroys Antarctica and subsequently leads to the extinction of thousands of organisms, the destruction of much of the civilized world, and the deaths of billions.

Millions more die from the social and economic troubles which follow this impact and the ensuing wars. The third installment of the Mortal Kombat series. Supernatural warlord Shao Kahn has taken over the realm of Earth, taking the souls of much of the populace. Extermination squads roam the land in search of the few surviving Kombatants that oppose him.

A radioactive, self-replicating alien crystal known as Tiberium crashes on Earth in and gradually renders most of the Earth's surface uninhabitable over the next several decades. Escape from L. The sequel to Escape From New York , the film is set in an America that has become a theocratic dictatorship.

Central to the plot is Los Angeles Island, the remains of what was once the city of Los Angeles after "The Big One," where those who break the government's new laws are deported to. Star Trek: First Contact [ citation needed ]. Eric L. Harry — limited nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Independence Day. Based on the trading card series Mars Attacks Charles Pellegrino and George Zebrowski — Aliens conduct a preemptive strike against humanity with relativistic missiles.

War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches. Anderson — Edited by Kevin J. Anderson is an anthology of short stories set during the events of The War of the Worlds by H.

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The House of the Dead. The House of the Dead series of Sega video games. Scientist Dr. Curien finds a way to reanimate the dead, though not without disastrous results. Later in the series' timeline, Caleb Goldman uses the undead in his mission to destroy the human race and protect the Earth from further destruction by humans. The episode " Resurrection " and the episode " The Human Operators ". In the series' backstory, a brutal war sees multiple space colonies dropped on Earth, rendering much of the world uninhabitable.

The Postman [22]. Partly based on the David Brin Novel. Starring Kevin Costner. A mining accident unleashes a virus from within the colonized moon Io. Races are held to determine the winner of the last seat in the last shuttle leaving. LeVar Burton — American civilization crumbles after a civil war pitting blacks against whites and a devastating earthquake. Set in an unspecified post-apocalyptic region on an Earth shrouded by an impact winter and plagued by a dangerous mutagenic substance called "Archessence" — the game centres on a technologically regressed medieval-like society.

Stephen Baxter about a manned mission to Titan while China directs an asteroid to hit Earth. PC game. The Chosen, a group consisting of a corporate- and government-determined human elect, depart a heavily polluted Earth via a fleet of starships, returning as a force to reoccupy Earth, fighting against the titular 7th Legion, a coalition of the most advanced post-apocalypse humans on Earth. A setting for the GURPS role playing system, where machines have taken over the world after a war with humanity that the humans lost.

Features a deleted scene restored to the film in the Alien Quadrilogy box set in which Ripley and the other survivors land the Auriga in a devastated Paris. The cause of the destruction is never made clear. A nuclear war in devastates much of the US. Players start out in underground shelters called Vaults. Six-String Samurai []. Vehicular combat game from The 3DO Company. Nearly all women around the world are killed in a nuclear war and few female survivors are prized by men. Directed by Robert Rodriguez — Six students are about to find out their teachers really are from another planet.

Getter Robo Armageddon. The OVA, where a combination of a nuclear missile and amorphous alien Invaders results in a war with the fate of humanity at stake. Charles Sheffield — Alpha Centauri goes supernova and causes cataclysmic climate change. Charles Pellegrino — All the insect species on Earth die out, and the ecology crashes as a result.

Is the sequel to KKnD , as part of its plot, Series 9 are advanced farming robots that have taken it unto themselves to destroy all life. PlayStation game set in a world with two nations fight with weapons found in ancient ruins. Also human fossils are all recent in the planet. Also, the series of films made in the s and s by Cloud Ten Pictures. Eden: It's an Endless World. The — anime series in which a man made disaster has caused Earth's moon to fragment, resulting in a constant rain of meteor strikes on the planet and forcing humanity to move out into the solar system.

Now and Then, Here and There. An Anime series that takes place 10 billion years into the future, where humanity lusts for power, and children are forced into military duty. BattleTanx: Global Assault. Abomination: The Nemesis Project. The Last Train []. The console game, where in alternate time lines modern civilization was destroyed by an alien parasite in AD.

PCDeveloped by Outrage Entertainment, which explains that mostly mining robots attacked by an unknown virus and now attacking people. PCDeveloper Relic Entertainment — A small human civilization on the desert planet of Kharak on the edge of the galaxy is brought to the brink of extinction for violating a forgotten year-old treaty forbidding them from developing hyperspace technology.

The survivors, however, are fortunate to have the use of the recently completed Mothership — a large colony vessel meant to take them back to their ancient and forgotten homeworld near the center of the galaxy, Hiigara — The game was succeeded by sequels Homeworld: Cataclysm and Homeworld 2. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. The New Zealand TV series, that takes place in a near-future in which all the adults have been killed by a man-made Virus and the children have to survive on their own.

The Matrix. Series of films dealing with a future where machines have trapped humanity in an illusory world, and the struggle of the surviving humans of the post-apocalyptic real world to free the rest of humanity from the illusion. On the Beach [ citation needed ]. Also Earth The world is destroyed in and people settle on mars in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. A Nintendo 64 game where the main character, Link, has three days to save the world of Termina from its moon that has broken from orbit.

Based on the novel of the same name by L. Ron Hubbard. Is a squad based action adventure computer game developed by Rebellion. John Shirley — revolves around a demonic invasion of Earth. Dark Angel. After terrorists detonate a nuclear weapon in the Earth's orbit, all computer data is destroyed, bringing about an economic collapse, but with minimal loss of life. Created by James Cameron and Charles H. Mortal Engines Quartet. Series by Phillip Reeve — first book , Set in the distant future after a nuclear war. Cities are turned into machines on wheels which hunt other cities and 'eat' them.

The first book follows the story of two children who have fallen off a city, and are trying to find it again so they can get back on, while the dictator of their city plans on using a weapon to destroy all of the land dwellers — people who haven't upgraded their cities to be on wheels. Ever Since the World Ended [] []. The Night of the Triffids.

Ace Combat Shattered Skies. PlayStation 2 game centered in a fictional continent years after an asteroid crashes at several locations. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. CGI animated film about spirit-based aliens roaming Earth after an asteroid crash over 30 years before. A real-time strategy. Earth created robotic lifeforms allegedly to mine Titan's resources, though in reality they were to be used as a secret army.

When the plan surfaced, the World Council lost power but the robots returned and occupied the planet in the name of their creators.

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And its sequel, the video game Pikmin 2 , is set on an unnamed planet simply called as the planet of the Pikmin , inhabited by animals and plants. Although it is unnamed in-game, several cutscenes shows it as Earth, or at least a very Earth-like planet. Further hints is man-made objects in both games like the Abstract Masterpiece, a bottle cap , and the Remembered Old Buddy, a R.

Brawl , Distant Planet, which its data refers to as Earth. Kiyoshi Kurosawa — In which the world is overrun by Humanoid Ghosts , and everything is destroyed by them. Based on a novel of the same name. Equilibrium [ citation needed ]. After barely surviving another worldwide conflict, humanity rejects all emotion and outlaws all forms of expression which might encourage emotional response.

Ordinary citizens are forced to fight through hordes of rabid zombies after a virus ravages Britain. Teenage Caveman. Set in the post-apocalyptic future where majority of humans die from a mysterious viral plague, the remaining humans have conformed to primitive tribalism. Directed by Larry Clark. The Years of Rice and Salt. PCVideo game featuring a group of ex-soldiers who spent ten years underground after the Spontaneous Genome Degeneration Syndrome SGDS , an artificially created virus raged across the globe in , nearly wiping off humanity. Although the virus was released to make money with the antidote, it wasn't distributed for some reason.

The Time Machine. Downfall of man caused by the Moon breaking apart and bombarding Earth with rocks after extensive lunar mining. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The tenth Friday the 13th film, Earth became a polluted wasteland by — Humanity left Earth and colonized a planet designated as Earth 2. Video game in which a flood has decimated the fictional world of Hyrule. The Butlerian Jihad. Anderson — Part of the Dune universe. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. Anime Series involving a war between naturally-born humans Naturals and genetically enhanced humans Coordinators.

Game for the Personal Computer by Reakktor Media. Showtime cable television series, based on the comic of the same name. In the year , 15 years after a virus kills everyone over the age of puberty, the child survivors have grown up, living on the scraps of the old world. Legends Of Dune trilogy. Vaughan and published by Vertigo Comics. Deathlands: Homeward Bound [ citation needed ]. Robert J. Szmidt — polish: Apokalipsa wedlug Pana Jana. The Third World War. Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Set in the year , the Earth's surface is in a cataclysmic upheaval, much of it transformed into wasteland by unstoppable storms the byproduct of the destruction of the ozone layer.

It was directed by Oscar Luis Costo. The Machine Crusade. Part of the Dune universe by Kevin J. The Matrix Comics. The Polish role-playing game from Portal Publishing. Deus Ex: Invisible War. Ion Storm developer Eidos Interactive publisher. After total global economic collapse an event known simply as "The Collapse", all religion is collected into one, which is in conflict with the new world order. Throughout the game, the player can choose to be on either side, affecting the game's outcome.

Ian Douglas. Appleseed []. Casshern [ citation needed ]. Based on two Japanese anime series. A race of super-robots led by their leader, Black King, take over the world. David Mitchell — one of the six novellas is set in a post-apocalyptic future. Dawn of the Dead. Individuals try and survive a zombie outbreak by securing a shopping mall. Remake of movie.

A Planet for the President. The asteroid Bay-Leder 7 was found to be powerful enough to wipe out the whole civilization. Although a top-secret experimental satellite weapon was able to cut it in two, the smaller piece impacted in West Russia, turning Europe into an ice-covered "death zone". The Day After Tomorrow. The Snow. Adam Roberts — The world is buried under kilometres of unnatural snow. Category 6: Day of Destruction. Tornado disaster. The television movie Category 6: Day of Destruction where Chicago is suffering from a series of tornadoes from numerous changes occurring in the climate.

This series was followed in by Category 7: The End of the World. Earthquake disaster. The mini series The Fall: Last Days of Gaia. The focus of the game is the deep story and the unique characters, with living environment offering many well thought sidequests.

Gameplay similar to the Fallout series, although with a more traditional RPG approach in which the player can assemble a whole party in order to improve chances in battles and include specialists with complementary skills. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The Battle of Corrin. A manga series created by Takuya Fujima. A role-playing game set in the midst of a war between humans and a worldwide computer intelligence.

Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet. Takes the premise that with no natural predators to thin the population of the world, evolution simply rewards whoever can pass on their genes the fastest, who are depicted as sexually promiscuous drunken brutes. The average IQ is 80 by , 60 by , and 40 by Anime series, set in a future Japan that is a wasteland. In the Great Kanto Desert, scattered humans eke out a living in the hot sand. The Uglies Trilogy. Scott Westerfeld — Uglies , Pretties , Specials and the companion novel, Extras , take place in a future civilization that arose after our current civilization collapsed because of an engineered bacterium that attacked not people, but oil, changing its chemical composition so that it exploded on contact with oxygen first explained on p.

Dance Of The Dead. An episode of Masters of Horror directed by Tobe Hooper — It has a triple apocalyptic theme as it features a man made virus causing a zombie outbreak after World War 3. The Goodness Gene. Series by Dmitry Glukhovsky — Set in the metro tunnels of post apocalyptic Moscow. A man named Artyom journey's to the central city of the metro, Polis, to find answers about a possible threat called the Dark Ones.

PCA game in which, after a tutorial area set in a "pre-Searing" time, a race of beasts called the Charr summon meteors down upon the humans, destroying nearly all of the cities and all of the life trees, animals, etc. War of the Worlds. Directed by Steven Spielberg , along with the independent productions H.

Wells' The War of the Worlds and H. Wells' War of the Worlds , all based on the H. Wells novel. War of the Worlds: New Millennium. Douglas Niles — Is a retelling of the original The War of the Worlds story, but displaces the events to It is not a sequel, rather it is an update. The console game, in which the player controls a Furon alien in an attempt to overthrow humanity. A Sound of Thunder. Peter Hyams — A group of travelers returned in the time and made changes in the past which lead to colossal alterations in the future, where they came from, and less than in a week everything in the world started changing chaotically, putting in danger the life of every living thing.

Brian Keene — set in a post-apocalyptic world where it started raining one day and never stopped. How to Survive a Robot Uprising. A semi-satirical book by Daniel H. Sunao Yoshida , illustrations by Thores Shibamoto — Light novel involving a war between humans and vampires. This anime features several teens living in Hakodate , Hokkaido who come in contact with their future selves using time travel as a last resort to end the destruction of their world by abducting their dear friend Haruka Kaminogi from the past as a sacrifice to make the ultimate weapon against the destroyer known as Noein.

Anime series and its video games are set 10, years after humans had to leave the earth due to a Coralian appearing in Africa. In the current timeline, the remnants of humanity are now settled on a planet they refer to as the "Promised Land". Anime series where an earthquake triggers a series of worldwide natural disasters that devastate Planet Zi. Radio sitcom by Graham Duff — much of the world was destroyed by an event known as "the Withering". The Dark Hour [ citation needed ]. CBS — the residents of a small Kansas town remain isolated in the aftermath of a series of nuclear attacks on America.

Will Self — split between modern London and post-apocalyptic London where a new society and religion is based on the legacy of a cab driver. Game While seemingly caused by aliens, it is in fact human mistakes, breakdown and war that forges Auto Assault's apocalyptic world. British made movie in which a virus creates a plague of zombies, viewed entirely from the POV of a character's video camera. This film was made and completed before George A. Pandemia []. Johnathan Rand and Christopher Knight — A mutated bird flu virus wipes out everyone except the young.

Set in Michigan. Max Brooks novel about a global zombie outbreak and humanity's efforts to stop thems. Three Moons Over Milford. Life as We Knew It. Susan Beth Pfeffer — Asteroid striking the Moon and knocking it into an orbit closer to Earth, concentrating on how a family in Western Pennsylvania is affected. The video game, which takes place on the fictional planet of Sera, humans are shown fighting a war against alien monsters that have emerged from underground. There is something for everyone, from those who appreciate culture to beach lovers. Construction of it began in and is still ongoing.

The architect himself had an active role in the building of the Sagrada Familia until his death, however slight alterations from the original designs have occurred over time.

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If you are looking for accommodation in Sagrada Familia area. During the Gothic period churches and palaces were created in the style of the time which are surrounded by narrow, medieval streets. Once here, there is access to many of the well known Plazas of Barcelona. If you are looking for accommodation in the Gothic area. This has come as a result of demands made by the president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, for the parties to discuss matters face-to-face instead of confronting one another.

He has also stated that a referendum requires agreement between both sides in order to succeed and therefore independence should be celebrated in September, despite the CUP wanting to do it in July. This agreement will also include creating a committee to monitor, control and carry out the referendum effectively. The government believes that this will create around 7, new jobs and therefore help unemployment. It also states that the referendum must be undertaken away from any potential influence or stance from the state.

The president has also faced problems from the other parties […]. Recent statements have said that the player will appear publicly after his agreements with Valencia have finished. He said that the decision to join Barcelona was an obvious one that he could not turn down, as it is a bigger team with more opportunities to play, more matches to play and the possibility of winning titles which is what he is most excited about.

This decision also increases his ways to improve as a player. Every player wants to do the best in his sport and this was his option. Also, he is aware that people need time when moving clubs, in order to adapt, trust the manager, learn to train with different people and then improve. Both the player and the Valencia club have […]. Gerardo Pisarello, the first lieutenant of the mayor, has stated that help will be given to families with little money who either own or are renting property.

He said that they expect there will be lots of applications because of the financial demand on families. TITAN supports sustainability and respect for the environment A new production line, Titan Cadence, is making changes to their Spanish companies to ensure that they follow new laws of sustainability and respect for the environment made by the EU.

The company has gained certificates of ecological quality and excellence, Aenor and ISO for their work on this. TITAN strictly control the changing of their technology by looking at potential impacts on the environment before they do anything. Recent EU laws have put restrictions on the number of solvents that are released into the atmosphere, as well as production of new ones.

From this TITAN have improved the products themselves and the production processes to make them more respectful to the environment, particularly by the reusing and recycling of used materials. They want to continue making […]. Film institute opens cinema exhibition in the street Can Pistoles, the old name for the Capitol cinema, is attempting to show the graphic walls that it had in the past. The cinema showed films of lots of well known genres such as horror, adventure, crime and westerns which was unusual at the time.

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Boat sales surge because of smartphones Barcelona boat show has released new technology to improve navigation. Boat steering has not changed dramatically over history but what is changing is the tools which are used to steer and complete jobs on the boats. Technology companies are constantly giving a range of services to sea sports but what is always the most useful for everyone is the mobile phone. Between the th October the international boat show, La Fira de Barcelona, will take place where around 20 start up companies will offer boats the option of finding a closer port and will tell them if their anchor is suitably placed, all from the screen of technology.

The app Portadvisor which was released in April uses the advice and experience of other users to search for ports, coves and beaches for navigators. By selecting options, the user can look for the closest port with available places to moor, the port with best […]. Tarafa has suggested there is a change in the model of private health sectors to make them public.

A report has stated that the Department of Health will give million euros to public health. The commissioner has talked about these matters saying that more can be done to help public health than what is done at the moment. The plan is to introduce public provision and make processes public, as well as other ideas.

The main issue that needs to be […]. Where to invest in housing in Barcelona The rental profit is the biggest consideration for investment in a house. This information is important to be able to make decisions on buying, long or short term rental and other financial problems. The market value of a property is decided from its topology and location.

If data is closely analysed by each characteristic, it will show information about the residential situation which is useful for owners and investors. The real estate market follows definite rules when looking at houses, for example rented houses with less surface area are more profitable per metre squared. The aim of this social movement is to encourage people across the world to respond to this global problem. In in Spain alone 59 women were killed by violence from men.

The performance, a fusion of classical music, flamenco and poetry, will make people more conscious of the fact that violence against women is still an everyday issue. The entire show is an expression of the cycle of male violence from the beginning of the relationship to the psychological and physical abuse. Los Tarantos started in as a Flamenco bar for locals but it is now one of the most important places […]. Last weekend, more than 29, people gathered to run the annual 7. This year had more women running that ever.

The In the last year, the air quality in Barcelona has fallen dramatically, surpassing the acceptable threshold set by the World Health Organisation. El Prat becomes the second busiest airport in the EU last month, with the amount of passengers rising 9. New Electronic Vehicle Regulations in Barcelona — the city are cracking down on seaways and scooters being used on the main road.

The Barcelona restaurant industry is in need of more professional waiters. Wooden houses are making their way into Barcelona — new multi-storey wooden housing that are more sustainable and eco-friendly are being built in the city. Fears that El Prat Airport is Reaching full Capacity and causing delays — with 6, flights being recorded one day last August. The aim of the event is to showcase the best holiday rental proprieties from some of the biggest holiday companies. This kind of honorable mention is a testament to our hard work at Barcelona Home, not only from our employees but also thanks our valuable customers.

As a main leader in the holiday rental industry, we offer the highest quality of services; we provide the most superior standard of accommodation, transportation and leisure activities to ensure that our customers have the best stay possible in Barcelona. What differentiates us is the fact that we make our clients feel at home.

Moreover, to ensure we maintain the best possible […]. Regenerated flows in the El Prat treatment plant will reduce drought risk Barcelona has agreed to extend the guarantee of water supply after the recent threat of water shortage. Within the next six months, the city of Barcelona will reinforce the supply system by taking advantage of the flows which are treated at the El Prat Wastewater plant to the river mouth of Llobregat.

This will then be reused indirectly for human consumption. The Operation of the water-regenerating station of El Prat, will allow the city to use resources which were previously being wasted. Once the water is regenerated, the flows will connect to the river by pumps, through a parallel drive; This will then be discharged at Molins de Rei. The water-regenerating station is able to produce a volume of 60 hm3 per year- up to 75 hm3. However, This process can only function at full capacity during emergency situations such […].

They explain it: the tortilla is a thermometer. If it is bad, you go running. A mocking huckster yet very intelligent. In the book, a part from the tortilla, there is an other main character: The Killer Onion, the previous emblematic character of Javirroyo. It was an hundred pages comic edited by Subterfuge Comix, that collects good part of the adventures carried out by that peculiar personage.

A […]. It is an agreement for the creation of an active international platform of cities that share a clear objective for a healthy diet, food projects, fair trade, and promote responsible and sustainable consumption. The campaign aims to promote the supply and consumption of local products and increase the presence of the fresh organic product, and to give visibility to the markets of Barcelona as healthy eating places.

The goal is to reach the 39 municipal markets of the city within the campaign. The local council have reported that, within the last few months, over fifteen residences that were allegedly intended for students, have been admitting tourists of all ages who were spending a few days in the city into their residence. The deputy Mayor of Urban Planning, Janet Sanz has explained that, companies legally identified as […]. For this reason, the city is very committed to this project. Currently, rather than investing on tourism […]. The first step of the project was already achieved and the period of public display is expected to beginning soon, with the approval expected to be definite from December to January the latest.

Some parts of the old town compromises of very important and personal historical fabrics of Sant Andreu de Palomar going back to This fabrics includes some of the most preserved concentrations of, what was then, urban morphology and the built census in the old town of the city of Barcelona. In this area you will be able to find some of the fine examples of the original ground floor-based houses. Some of the […]. Popular clothing store Blanco filled for liquidation The clothing company Blanco has decided to lay off all of its employees as well as closing its chain of stores, compromising of establishments.

During the Christmas season, the fashion company officially closed its website www. This is […]. Food also had its own shine of foolishness.

Jogos de a-z

Spain had its fair share of ridiculousness this past few years, with a stream of food trends that took over our bars, restaurants and social media. While some have been around for a few years, some have burst into the spotlight very recently. For this reason, we pray that is the year that would stop this madness or at least, help us rationalise our consumption. The worst case scenario is that this trend could take over all of Spain. That might […]. Barcelona is considered one of the best European Cities to make an event, not coincidentally it is among the top 5 in the world rankings compiled by the International Congress and Convention Association ICCA.

The Catalan capital becomes the most filmed european city with more than 2, filming per year adding points as a favorite destination for every kind of production as documentary, feature film and advertising spots, all important indicators of the health of Barcelona as cinematographic and audiovisual set.

But […]. Following very closely is Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, both with 12 wins in the last 16 and 13 stages. Next on the list is Chelsea with 11 and Milan with 9 wins. On the other hand, guests who already possess a seasonal pass or have access to PortAventura Park through resort hotels, are able to purchase a specific entry to Ferrari Land. Additionally, during the entire season, Ferrari Land will provide morning tickets- lasting from 10 am till 5 pm- and evening tickets — from 6pm till 1 am-. Five million annual visitors Statistics predict that Ferrari Land will attracts a million visitors and the resort will […].

Those found in Valls, Tarragona are registered as a protected geographical indication by the EU. They are a unique culinary customs that Catalonians are very fond of. They are harvested from the start of November and continues all the way through April. This changed after it turned out to become very popular and therefore the citizens decided to extend the period of the event.

During the party […]. The Collaborative Economy is manly based on either lending, renting, buying or selling products for specific needs rather than profits or economic benefits. In fact, a person can, for example, offer temporary accommodation to someone in exchange for english or french lessons. Though it is still early to predict whether this system will make a global impact or just partial coverage, it has proven to be very successful, as there has been a lot of sectors in the economy where they have collaborative businesses.

The success of this sector is indisputable as the companies that are operating under this sector have experienced huge growth just by creating a simple business model where users can purchase or rent a second hand product, finance projects etc. European experts are indicating that over million […]. Though, in recent times, historical landmarks used to be converted into hotels, they are now turned into fashion stores instead; such as Plaza Catalunya, where, the new superstore Zara has established in the corner of Bergara Street, becoming a rising fashion landmark trend on Instagram.

Hence, it conquered the final stages of […]. Maternity and paternity leaves for surrogated births are still prohibited in some countries. An option for accommodating the dolphins temporarily will be to create a marine sanctuary for dolphins on a Greek island has now arisen.

A cove on the Greek island of Lipsi serves as a haven for these dolphins; it will be the first in the world when completed. If Barcelona decides to transfer the dolphins from the cramped facilities to the sanctuary, it would be a major victory for the movement in defense of these intelligent cetaceans. The […]. How to spend your summer nights in Barcelona Every year, the summer of Barcelona attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The months of June, July and August are the busiest of the year.

During this time, all parts of the city are vibrant with activities and events. During the day, the Mediterranean sunshine is being embraced by both locals and tourists. Nevertheless, the real fun begins after the sun goes down. Whether you are in Barcelona for a vacation with your friends and family, or for work, the summer nights of Barcelona have many things to offer you. Let summer be your best summer ever and take the chance to create wonderful memories with your loved ones. This is a cultural experience that is well known throughout Barcelona.

Another spectacular event is Riu Estiu, the Summer […]. Following after La Rambla, the protesters also entered the market of La Boqueria, where they paraded with banners and shopping carts. Rent and unlock a bike near you in just a few clicks with the Donkey Republic mobile app!

Barcelona is a city where the bikes utilization rates and proper infrastructure is increasing and reinforced, turning the city in an urban bike-friendly area. Besides the several bike rental companies in Barcelona, Donkey Republic is the new and easiest way to get a rental bike in Barcelona. You only need your phone and the Donkey Republic App to get your ride and discover the city in a fast, green and enjoyable way!

Donkey Republic is a Copenhagen-based startup business that is building a global bike rental platform, aiming to turn the bicycle into the hero of public transportation. The start up was founded in when it developed an electronic lock and an app to command it, as well as a booking engine and a user-centered rental flow. In Barcelona, you can find at the moment bikes all around the city, but that number will increase quickly to […]. Despite the fact that Barcelona has high levels of light pollution, the luminous trail was still visible at naked eyes. The great weather condition and the positioning of the station also created a perfect scenario above the city.

As a result ,it is quite easy to spot from the International Space Station. Out of all the […]. The cluster of the technological and digital sector is looking for a second office to settle. Though the operations in Pier 01 began last May, plans of expanding in new locations are already commencing.

And you are looking to experience an entirely new type of activity with your friends and family? You should consider trying out the Escape Room games. There are quite a few Escape places in Barcelona. It is a fairly new trend. For those of you who have no idea what it is: the Escape Room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room with clues, for which the players would need to assist them in solving mysteries to escape through all the rooms within a limited time.

Sounds interesting, eh? If so, keep reading to know some of the Escape Rooms in Barcelona. The following entails a description of five Escape Rooms. The Enigma team can guide you through the experience totally in […]. The Catalan region reaches a total of 17 million visitors, 3. A total of The Spanish islands are following behind with Nadal further highlighted an increase of inland areas. The average expenditure of each tourist was around 1, euros 3. The number of tourists that visited Spain in increased by 8. How much do you really know about Barcelona?

Test yourself with this True or False quiz!! There are so many facts about Barcelona that even its habitants are unaware of. Are you more acquainted about the Catalonian capital then the locals or was it all a delusion? Find out for yourself! Catalan is the only official language since Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona has almost 4 million tourists every year. Barcelona was supposed to be the home for Eiffel Tower. Its famous monument Sagrada Familia is expected to be completed in The famous monument of Christopher Columbus is pointing towards the sky.

Fun Facts! Famous football player Lionel Messi was born in Barcelona in The World Book Day exists, thanks to […]. By relocating near the Sagrada Familia, customers are able to access the office quicker before and after purchasing the service. This decision was made soon as the business started to receive a lot of recognition from people; giving the opportunity for Get Bag to expand it self and move somewhere with a bigger space. They believe that this success came as a result of understanding what their customers want and need.

About Get Bag Get Bag service is a company that provides Luggage delivery and transfer services for people who want to spend a bit more time in Barcelona, […]. In the same way, the president of the Guild, Pere Chias has requested to […]. The council is trying to convene a sustainable urban model while improving the quality of life for city residents.

For instance, this plan includes forbidding the construction of new hotels in the city center. On Monday, the mayor, Ada Colau has presented the strategic tourism plan to find solutions on how to manage tourism. There are currently 75, hotel beds in the city; about 50, beds in legal tourist apartments and 50, in illegal ones. Furthermore, 17, flats are now tourist apartments; therefore, the resulting shortage has driven up rents that are now the highest in Spain. Therefore, to avoid an […]. Initially, the concept of sharing first started by groups of citizens with genuine willingness to share and exchange their belongings with others.

This trend became quite popular during the recession periods, as not many people were able to afford to buy brand new products. The collaborative consumption can be divided into three categories: Collaborative lifestyles: People with common interests share and exchange less tangible assets like time, space, skills and money, Redistribution markets: Goods are no longer needed and are redistributed or sold in exchange; Product-based systems: Instead of purchasing an item, it is paid for its use for a certain amount of time.

Perfect example of this last option […]. In this last years, new technologies have changed the form of interpreting, from a touristic point of view, the experience of the local gastronomy. Delivery service seems to revolutionize the concept of food at home. Discover Local Food Experience! Because of the modernisation of public transport, taxis are getting neglected and less used. For this reason, the board of Barcelona sat together to plea for a new rule whereby people can share a taxi. But this measure is a bit more difficult because of the taxi law.

But at the moment it seems like they are considering it, which will help by integrating this rule. The WBA also approved a document with a proposal about the most important requirements of the taxi chauffeurs in which they liberalize the sector. This building was designed by Antoni Gaudi, one of the most representative architects of Catalan modernism. It will be opening its doors to the public for the first time this fall!! The house was the first important project of this well-known architect after his degree as an architect in However, the remarkable thing about Gaudi on this construction was that he mixed different styles together and incorporated a variety of different materials; such as iron, glass, ceramic tiles and concrete, many […].

Walk through some of the most striking names that, from fashion to interior and graphic design, keep the city at the forefront of aesthetics!

Anthony Alford Toronto Blue Jays JSA DEBUT COA Signed Autographed Baseball A

Discover the true artistic gems of Barcelona through its interior, graphic design and fashion, and you will appreciate Barcelona in a new, groundbreaking way. The guide allows you to indulge in everything the Catalan city has to offer from a design point of view: clothes, interior, and graphic design. Biking in Barcelona — A thrill or a risk?

Barcelona is a city that has everything: the beach, the pulse, the people. Being able to easily get around this bustling city is another great quality the city possesses, with public transport rarely letting down its travelers. However, if you are a person who prefers traveling independently and without keeping the times of buses and metros, bicycling might just be the option for you.

Over the past few years, the streets of the Catalan city have filled up with more and more bicycles. Although, with more bicycles on the streets, this also means an enhanced risk for accidents. This will require mandatory insurance for bicycle […]. Barcelona wants to pay more for the apartments, the tourist tax, and the parks The city of Barcelona faces different challenges as a result of tourism in the city; mass tourism in the most touristic sites, traffic, access to housing for being exploited as tourist accommodation, etc.

This is why the local government of the city developed, in several stages, a strategic tourism plan with the purpose of stabilizing and regularizing the destination. In order to increase fiscal measures As you remember the city government of Barcelona presented in January of this year its Proposals for the Strategic Plan of Tourism , for the next four years. This document proposes 10 programs, 30 lines of action and about measures. The aim of these are for achieving an urban balance in the city; betting on the sustainability of the destination; involving the whole community; and above all, bring more benefit to the citizenship.

Ed Sheeran VS the comic Llimoo, who satirizes the city in a video clip!