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It includes 13 articles by members including "Astrology standards and professional licensing" by Ruth Potulin , 15 articles from the ISAR journal of research The International Astrologer formerly Kosmos none are on serious research , 5 book reviews including one on Enrique Linares's book "A scientific approach to the metaphysics of astrology", contact details for ISAR certified professional astrologers in the USA and 12 other countries, and the following list of 5 research projects:.

Skeptic sites with relevant articles, links, references, podcasts. Not from the Latin scepticus , doubter, but from the Greek skeptikos , to look about, consider, observe.

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Skeptics insist that no inferences or conclusions may be made unless preceded by a thorough evaluation of the evidence. Skeptics go wherever the facts may lead. The skeptic sites listed below contain material that is relevant to astrology either directly, or indirectly via their emphasis on critical thinking. In the 11 most scientifically-challenging of alt.

Of all the defences of astrology on the Web, this was judged to be the most credible and well-written. But was the defence convincing? Absolutely not. Answers to FAQs words, synthesis of the students' analysis and comments words. Selected resources for the critical study of fringe astronomical beliefs. Page 1 is on astrology and consists of a word introduction, with references to 5 critical books and 20 critical articles, some briefly annotated. Sets out the above simple tests in more detail for the classroom.

Aims are to help students think critically about astrology, and to introduce the use of statistical tests. Includes Fraknoi's famous Astrology Defense Kit covering critical responses to astrological claims, ten questions to ask, and research results. A typical case-against-astrology diatribe by an opponent who ignores astrology's merits. The magazine began in and the issues now occupy nearly one shelf-metre. Index has 80 critical entries on astrology of which 50 are articles or book reviews. Site includes about online articles and book reviews from SI nothing very useful on astrology, palmistry, numerology, graphology or tarot but most have references.

The online coverage is good from , moderate from typically 5 per issue , and infrequent before The index can be searched for words in titles. All entries allow you to "buy this issue now". Site also has a full list of the mailing and email addresses of skeptic organisations worldwide. Those on astrology cover astrology, spiritism, and dangers; some are new, the rest are excerpts from Ankerberg and Weldon's books Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs and Encyclopedia of Cults and religions Articles 12K words, notes 2. Together they provide one of the most readable and informed critiques of astrology albeit somewhat dated of those available from the sites listed here.

An example of informed skeptic opinion.

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Concludes that astrology lacks scientific credibility but can be socially useful. No changes since our listing in June Eric Krieg of the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking gives views for and against astrology words and submits both to critical thinking. Includes 26 references mostly without annotations and 41 links, many of which are inactive. Calls itself "a look at the evidence" but is now very dated.

Since there have been over attempts, none of them successful, mostly because the challenger had no idea how to devise a preliminary test. A more recent challenge by an astrologer foundered due to privacy restrictions on the birth data needed. On 1 April the rules were modified to limit applicants to those whose powers have been mentioned in the media and are supported by written testimony from an academic. Demonstrate it successfully, and the Million Dollar Prize is yours. It's really that simple.

From believers it prompted a frenzy of outraged comments, most of them rhetorical, evasive or irrelevant. Over essays on strange beliefs from abracadabra to zombies, and how to think critically about them. Most essays have references and further reading. Some include responses from readers and Todd's replies. Regularly updated. Especially useful are the entries on how our eyes and ears can deceive us, for example hidden persuaders under H , magical thinking under M , and subjective validation under S.

Probably the best and most readable site for those new to astrology. The critical essays on astrology appear under:. About half are on the paranormal and several are on astrology. Articles are listed by clickable title with a description, so browsing is easy. Site is based in Denmark and contains mostly European material, which makes a useful change from American sites.

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Recent Australian happenings and links to top skeptic sites. Online articles from the Skeptic no relation to UK magazine of same name were discontinued after all back issues became available on CD, which has nearly 80 items on astrology although few are substantial. Articles are listed by clickable title without a description.

Most articles link to related topics on site, and a few have references for further reading. Since the articles are generated collectively by contributors, they tend to be comprehensive, but due to contributor bias they may not be entirely reliable or informed. Thus the articles on astrology give no hint that many hundreds of empirical tests exist.

Lots of skeptic links to each of 96 paranormal topics such as astrology and Sai Baba. Listed under astrology are 43 links to sites critical of astrology 22 are in English. The best are included here. Site is available in English, German and Dutch. The word zetetic means skeptical seeker. Bibliography of about books and articles on paranormal topics.

By Chris Brennan

Titles without descriptions are listed by author or subject, no annotations. Most of the English ones can be found on other sites, but here is a good opportunity to practice your French. Under Zetetics? A shorter version in English is available if you can find a page with a clickable English.

Podcast is short for iPod broadcasting. Most podcasts are radio broadcasts but some are video recordings. If your computer has the ability to receive podcasts, then hearing and sometimes seeing the leading players in skepticism and science are just a click away. Skeptical podcasts bring you many hours of challenging interviews, features, and commentary on the paranormal, pseudoscience, science, and alternative medicine, most from overseas, and all for free.

Named after ideas wrongly seen as so inconsequential that their discussion would be like breaking a butterfly upon a wheel. Don't miss their Fashionable Dictionary "Evidence: best ignored in case it conflicts with our ideas" and Woolly-Thinking Rhetoric "Be careful not to be explicit, otherwise your errors will be obvious". Site has only infrequent articles on astrology but is full of comments, articles, and links of interest for critical thinkers.

They have a , Rupee prize for demonstration of paranormal abilities. Can statues drink milk? Can gurus really perform miracles? Is Sai Baba genuine or a fraud? Find out here. Fast, readable, but nothing specifically on astrology. Loads of articles on health-related frauds, myths, fads and fallacies, arranged under 37 topics from acupuncture and homeopathy to questionable books and weight control products. Articles often contain information that is difficult or impossible to get elsewhere.

Includes corrections sent in by readers, and is enlivened by Randi's dry wit, for example "[X] is an ideal new age notion in that it cannot be examined, proved, or disproved". Skeptic books for sale, contents of back issues of Skeptic magazine, sample articles, and online versions of Jr Skeptic magazine for children. On home page click Reading Room to list 8 topics debates, skepticism, science, science history, pseudoscience, religion, social forces, pseudohistory with a total of about articles, often book reviews, of which nearly 20 are on pseudoscience.

Articles are listed by clickable title with a description. Can also sort by year. Covers over selected fringe subjects including astrology 34 titles but few titles are more recent than The advantage of this site is that clicking on More against a title takes you direct to reviews in English, whereas most similar sites merely take you to Amazon. User-friendly site is rather more pro-paranormal than other skeptic sites, for example its associates include believers in Uri Geller, and it is openly skeptical of established skeptics, dismissing them as "dogmatic" the compliment would doubtless be returned.

Site is divided into five topics -- investigating skeptics, includes biographies of leading skeptics; controversies, eg extraterrestrials; open-minded research, includes biographies of leading players; scientific objectivity including fraud; resources including 7 links illustrating the good guys and bad guys in skepticism, and booklists for 13 authors sympathetic to the site's aims eg Rupert Sheldrake such authors seldom appear in skeptic booklists. Each topic has about half a dozen articles nicely presented, most with abstracts.

A good place for biographies and for finding what skeptics are supposedly not telling you, but tough going for readers unfamiliar with the territory. There are four parts: Part 1. Previously they were: The decline of astrology in the 17th century.

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  • Paula Wagner Main features of Ficino's hermetic astrology. Paul Saffell Astrology in early Jewish history and culture. Janice Barsky The evolution of ancient Venus images. Linda Birch From gods to planetary archetypes. Maria Mateus Sites giving empirical test results Sites that cite empirical studies without giving results, or without giving abstracts, or which are accessible only by members, are not listed here look in Part 3.

    Articles many with comments from readers and empirical results include: Research Design. Terri McCartney. Astrology Compatibility Research Results. Five astro-compatibility programs failed to distinguish between 49 failed and 49 successful marriages. An AstroSignature for Alcohol Abuse. In a previous study by Mark McDonough of 57 chart factors using alcoholics the top factor was an afflicted Mars. Sarah Klein's study. Results did not replicate using a large Swedish database of persons and timed acciodents.

    An analysis of 31, chart factors using 80 psychics and controls. Mark McDonough. Characteristics of public figures with an excess or lack of FEAW. Do public figures have more planets above the horizon? It feels so good to lighten my load! Now, I am down to mostly small piles of paper clutter. It is good to hear that Mr. Ahh, yes, Saturn and Pluto…what can I say…my two least favorite…. Saturn and Pluto have both been extremely strong teachers in my life. They bring out the passion in me. I have to admit that I really do love them! Your email address will not be published.

    Happy New Multiverse! Sherri Zimmerman on November 26, at am. Donna Woodwell on November 26, at am. Greeting Sherri! Elisabeth Barry on December 6, at am. Hi Donna, I love the way you are able to describe astrological configurations! So, yes, I am definitely cleaning up my mess! Right now, in December of , it feels as if anything is possible in my life! Patreon supporters can also get access to a private monthly podcast where we talk about the most auspicious electional charts over the next few weeks:. You can subscribe to the podcast for free via email, iTunes, or other mobile apps.

    See our subscription page for more information on how to subscribe. Below you will find an outline of some of the topics we touched on during the course of the show, followed by links to stream or download the recording of this episode: Show Notes Origins of Hellenistic astrology are a bit obscure. Lack of surviving evidence in the last few centuries BCE. Last surviving Cuneiform chart dates to 69 BCE. Demotic chart 38 BCE. Rest are last decade of 1st cent BCE forward.

    Earliest datable texts: Thrasyllus and Manilius. Early 1st century CE.

    The Debate Over the Origins of Hellenistic Astrology

    What techniques and concepts were inherited from the Mesopotamian or Egyptian traditions and passed on, versus which concepts were developed in the Hellenistic trad? What was inherited from the Mesopotamian tradition? Mundane, natal and electional astrology. Mesopotamians focused on zodiac. The question is when were the two merged, or when did houses start being used What was introduced during the Hellenistic tradition? Four-fold system of planets, signs, houses, aspects.

    ASA Lecture Series: Maria Mateus - Astrology of Game of Thrones

    Lots of other stuff. Astrology of signs versus astrology of causes. Continuation of sign-based astrology in Hellenistic tradition. Both sides tend to go too far in their arguments. Berossus as a possible example of individual transmissions and schools. Transmission to Egypt.