Solar eclipse december 25 2019 astrology meaning

The natives associated with this sign and Nakshatra may face the disadvantageous results of this Solar Eclipse. As a result, the sunlight gets blocked and does not reach the Earth, especially in regions where Grahan is most visible.

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This is also the time when negative energies are more active and may cause adverse effects on our life. Therefore, it is necessary for people to know the timings of Grahan, its rules and certain astrological precautions to avoid the bad results of Solar Eclipse.

Annular Solar Eclipse on 26 December

If we talk about the general occurrences of eclipse, whether Solar or Lunar Moon Eclipse, there are at least two Solar Eclipses and two Lunar Eclipses that occur every year. In , there will be 3 Solar Eclipses, among which first will be on January 6, second will be on June 2 to 3, and third Surya Grahan will be on December These 3 eclipses will be either visible or not visible in India.

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However, they will be visible in some parts of Asia, America and Pacific regions. Please note that, if they are not visible in India, then there religious and astrological significance will not be considered here. However, as per astrological calculations, one of the Solar Eclipse will be partially visible in India, therefore, its astrological significance will be considered here. In Hinduism, Sutak Kaal is that period when certain tasks are strictly prohibited.

The reason being that it is considered inauspicious to perform them in this duration, otherwise they may give bad results. Generally, it begins before an eclipse and ends after taking a bath, when the eclipse ends. It is important to note that the rules of Sutak Kaal are not applicable on children, sick and elderly people. As first and second Surya Grahan in will not be visible in India, therefore, their sutak rules will not be applicable here.

But, the third Grahan will be partially visible in India.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

So, its religious and astrological importance will be considered here. Pregnant women should take special precautions during Solar Eclipse Because it is believed that an eclipse affects a pregnant woman. In this duration, they should avoid going out of their home as well as avoid seeing Grahan.

They should not do any activities related to stitching, embroidery, cutting and peeling. It is believed that using such tools knife or needle during Surya Grahan may damage the body parts of the unborn child. Also as per religious texts, the rays of the sun can have adverse effects on the child in the womb.

It is also said that the woman who peeps out or comes out of their home during Solar Eclipse, their chances of miscarriage increases. The child born due to this may be more prone to Cancer. Therefore, pregnant women are highly advised to remain at home during Solar Eclipse in ANSWER: As per scientific as well as astrological facts, during Solar Eclipse, the sun emits large amounts of energy which our naked eyes can not bear. These rays can affect the Retina of the eye adversely.

Ultraviolet rays also emanate during this period that are also not good for your eyes. ANSWER: A partial or annular or any other phase of Solar eclipse should never be seen with naked eyes as they can harm your eyes immensely. One more word to the wise: Communication is key at this new moon, with Mercury conjunct Mars and Juno in Leo and preparing to go retrograde on July 7. Try not to take things personally, keep your sense of humor…and give yourself a time out if you need one!

Something about you feels like home, Cancer. If relationship roles have become too restrictive, give yourself permission to outgrow them. Feeling insecure? Look for strength in softness and find victory in vulnerability. Celebrate what you bring to the table, while appreciating what others have to contribute. But you may be surprised to find that not all your loved ones are on board with your new direction. Welcome to your spiritual awakening, Scorpio! Oppressive rules and dogma that once held you back are falling by the wayside, while other traditional beliefs and practices are being infused with fresh new meaning and relevance for you.

Others may find it meaningful, too.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

Are you ready, willing, and able to give it? Instead of keeping yourself busy with too many important projects, which will be difficult to finish, have a more flexible schedule.


This is the right time to invest in yourself and treat time like the precious commodity that it is. This solar eclipse will bring with it a lot of financial gains this year. So, look at investing in business opportunities or other things that people you care about bring to you, according to Horoscope. You can fund projects and they will bring gains to you. This is a time for a bounty that will lead to your personal growth. With so many things vying for your attention, your ability to set boundaries will be on trial. However, if you can move past these it will be your biggest blessing at the moment.

Your victories currently will be rewarding to a great extent. You could face communication issues about financial issues and other ways you choose to reorganize your life. You will chance upon a situation that could change how you think in an intrinsic way. You will see mental blocks clear away but don't be hasty in judging things.

You will be given an opportunity that would give you information about your longterm future. A friend or colleague or someone in your network will bring you a deal or project that you could become a part of. This will be the big break you have been seeking but it won't come easily. You will have to step up and show courage.

This is a time for major professional changes for you. These changes will stay with you for years since eclipses are the times of beginnings and endings. You will lay to rest the old and go forward with the new for years. So, choose wisely as your future happiness depends on it. You could find it difficult to communicate with friends.

This period is a time for you to exclude longterm plans from your life that you are not fully committed to.

Eclipses 12222

There is no point in spending energy on things you don't want to. So, save your time and energy for the more important things in your life. Communication on the professional side will need attention.