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You can select what data is displayed, the order in which it is displayed, and the width of the columns, easily, just by dropping and dragging directly on the table with your mouse.

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Dasa Table The Dasas are also displayed in a table that allows you to scroll through the dasa, or click through it with your mouse, one level at a time. You can also click and highlight a dasa period so that you won't loose track of it as you scroll through the Dasa. Dasas are calculated to five levels and you can easily select one to five levels with just one click of the mouse. Transits Chart and Table Clicking on the Tr on the Transits chart displays a list with the transiting planets degrees and nakshatras.

You can also enter a different transit date. File Manager Kala uses a simple file management system like that used in Microsoft Windows, this has the advantage of allowing you to name a file with as many characters as you like as well as making it easier to manage or delete your files, all without having to learn anything new. One of the goals in creating Kala is to make learning Vedic Astrology easier; as part of this Kala provides a menu of Yogas that your computer will search for within a given horoscope.

Currently Kala provides the following searches:. Kala's Compatibility Calculations far supersede anything else available in Vedic Astrology Software:. This is an 8 page report that will answer serious concerns about any relationship. The transit hit list gives a complete overview of all the relevant transits.

Saravali Astrology

It is an indispensable tool for the predictive astrologer. It gives not just information about the date of a transit but gives information about the exact time in minutes and hours as well. It is highly accurate. Also you will find information on when a planet enters a new sign, Nakshatra or house according to equal house or Sri Pati.

The following transitory aspects to natal planets or natal housecusps can be calculated: full drishti, conjunct, opposition, trine, square, sextile, semi-sextile, semi-square, inconjunct. You can select which transitory planets or natal planets you like to choose. It is possible to include Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, if you like. With this graph you can easily see a month of ups and downs. The planets represented by the colors on the graph that are above the time line are those planets that are in favorable places from the natal Moon and not obstructed.

The planets represented by the colors on the graph that are below the time line are those planets that are in unfavorable places from the natal Moon, without being obstructed.

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Clicking on the date in the time line brings up the Gochara report for that day at noon. The bottom part of the screen gives a calendar with many symbols in it.

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The trigger transits in the calendar are those given by Phaladeepika. Kala's Muhurta module is the most complete Muhurta Module available to date.

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More Muhurta factors have been calculated than in any other software. The bottom part of the Muhurta Module consists of a time line that shows when the favorable and unfavorable Nakshatras, Taras, Tithis, Karanas, Yogas and combination of Vara, Tithi and Nakshatra are running. All you have to do to find the best available times within the month is to line up the favorable green marks. Clicking on the time line brings the rasi chart and other details to the date clicked on.

The favorable and unfavorable Nakshatras, etc. Company Video. View Mobile Number. Ask for more details from the seller Contact Seller.

Product Details. Kalyana Varma, the famous author Saravali belonged to the 10th century AD.

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He was the king of a place called Vyaghrapada, believed to be somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. From the verses in this work it vs obvious that he has studied the works of Parashara, Varahamihira and Yavana etc before him, and as he felt that they were too brief, he decided to elaborate the principles. Saravali indeed is a monumental work and the study of it is a must for the serious students of astrology. Some topics covered: Description of the 12 Rasis, limbs of Kala purusha and their use, synonyms of Rasis and Houses, zodiacal halves, their Lords and effects.

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Company Details. Jump to: navigation, search. Our Vedic Astrology reports cover wide range of humanlife giving accurate insight, amazing predictions andastounding remedies. Our reports include Best time for. Indian astrology daily horoscopes readings based onindian. Vedic Astrology works.


It must be emphasized here that the studentmust read a good book and learn manual casting. Phala Jyotish InterpretiveAstrology - S. The Brihat Jataka Hora Shastra is the classic jyotishscripture written by the great Drekkana adhyaya;sanskara-vedic-jyotish; 1st-house-indian-astrology;.